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This is of my series which basically is the lo-fi plain and simple but pretty blog templates. There are a few to pick from, nothing too fancy, all very fast loading, simple and easy on the eyes. Subtle, I think is the word. THis kit contains eight count em eight images that are sized and ready to serve right on the left over there. They all match, none are too girly or too manly so anyone can feel comfortable using them and I kind of chose them to convey different themes or personality types, although if you're just someone who likes great tiny photos, you'll love them all. I do! . Download the template here.

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More News
Okay I've actually run out of things to say so I'm going to repeat myself for the rest of this template. It's self explanatory and easy to port as a design to Greymatter or movable type or whatever because the class names are all logical (head, date, side, posts) and the overall po9int is that these are very simple templates so you can get up and running with a quickness. These templates are for people who don't want to dink around with the design, but want everything to look nice and tidy. Everyone loves a tidy log!
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One more thing...
Oh also, one other thing... Don't forget to use break tags instead of <p> tags in the left and right columns to keep the style sheet humming along. I tried to make it as simple as possible so I kept the types of tags to a minimum. This template works really well with Blogger, greymatter etc.
:: posted by Your Name 3:12am 01/01/01